Questions for March HW

Hi Brooke and all the wonderful coaches
so i have several questions regarding the March HW:

1) so we will chose ONE sentence and focus on it for the whole month, so does this mean that the answer to question (1) of the HW will be the same everyday?

2) can the sentence contain several things like:
“I can run a successful online Health Coaching Business earning 150 k per year and i will be Happily married” or should i focus on one thing only?

3) i understand that we are doing POSITIVE thought download for this month, should all the TD be related to the sentence i am focusing on this month only? and should i Repeat the TD everyday like i do with the sentence?

4) should the TD and sentence be in present or future tense?
“I am a successful health coach” or “I will be a successful health coach”?

5) should i Stop practising January and February work? Honestly i feel i have only gone through them very fast and that i need a TON of practice with the model and feelings.

Thanks a lot for your support