Questions for my family

Hi Brooke!
My mom and my daughter have been asking me lots of questions about what I am learning here and how I am losing weight. I have explained it all to them and both of them had questions that I could not answer to their satisfaction. My mom is a diabetic and is concerned with the intermittent fasting because she says that her blood sugar is often low in the morning. She feels that she needs to eat breakfast because of her diabetes. I eat 2x/day in a 6 or 7 hour window. I was not sure if your recommendation would be different for a diabetic.
My daughters question was similar. She is a college student who puts in very long hours. She often pushes herself to mental exhaustion from her heavy load of study paired with physical fatigue too. One day in particular this coming semester, she is on the school campus for 13 hours with only one break (1 1/2hr) in the morning around 9:00am. The entire rest of the day she only has 10 minutes between classes to get from one class to another. So there is no time to stop and get a salad much less eat it for lunch, and no refrigerator to keep it in if she took it with her and her backpack full of books anyway. She also feels that she would not be able to get by in a short eating window. She thinks she will have to eat early in the morning, snack on nuts or something for lunch as she walks across campus, and then eat again late at night when she gets home. What would you suggest for her?
Thank you for helping me help my family!