Questions from iPad and obsessive thoughts when they don’t get answered

Hi Brooke/coaches ,
1. I use my iPad with pencil for doing my scs homework so I mostly post my ask Brooke questions from my iPad. I notice that sometimes the questions that I send from here don’t get answered. Is there any technical issue with “ask Brooke” from iPad?
2. When my questions don’t get answered for days, I get so obsessed (frantically refreshing page multiple times a day). I know I’m a good student of scs for I do all the homework and model calls and coaching calls , but now I’m afraid I’m becoming too dependent on it. My models
C question not answered
T I hate that they didn’t answer my question
F obsessed
A Check ask Brooke multiple times
R hatred towards myself for being obssessed

C same
T I will reach out in other ways and make sure no technical issues
F determined
A reach out to scs customer service and post again in ask Brooke
R I take steps to solve the problem
Thank you