Questions from Getting Rid of Outdated Things

Hi Brooke,
I’ve cleaned up my closet today, and I have some insights and question.

I never have many clothes to start with, everything in my closet, I know what they are and I have worn them the last year. So they are all serving me. Do I want them? Well, that’s harder to answer.

However, it is my pyjamas and at-home wear that is outdated. For instance, there is a warm night robe that my dad bought me when I was still a teenager, like almost 20 years ago. My kids have since ripped the pockets off, but otherwise, it is still serving me, and it still looks alright. I’ve used it every day in the last winter (it’s just starting to get warm now in Australia).

I’ve decided to donate it today. Because I realised that I’m still using it because I don’t want to spend money to buy a new one. That everytime I wear it, although it serves me physically, it actually reminds me of scarcity rather than abundance. And after donating it, I realised that I have a few more in my closet, mainly pyjama and socks, that I’m still using, but are outdated, because I don’t want to spend money to buy new ones. So it’s the scarcity mindset, the fear of not having enough money.

Now it definitely is linked to a question I want to ask you, “if I’m so smart, why can’t I make more money?” I’ve helped my ex-husband start a business. I’ve since left it but still own 50%. It is now my main source of income, but it’s not growing, and it’s barely supporting me and my two toddlers. I’ve been working on my own business as an artist and art teacher, it seems to finally get some traction, but it is very minimal (a few hundred dollars a month). I am smart, and I work hard, and I love what I do, so why aren’t I making more money?

The other question is about getting rid of things. Shall I get rid of all outdated pyjamas even though I will have to buy new ones?

Thank you!