questions about March’s (and February’s) homework

1. Can the positive thoughts be ‘facts’ about what happened during the day (but that I have a positive association with/am grateful for)? Ex: “I got a new roommate.” Or do I have to also go into why this is positive? Ex: “This will help me to pay off my debts and cover current/future monthly expenses. That’s a big help. I will feel less stressed about all my bills and can/will be able to afford to buy a couple new things for my apartment.”

2. I only started the March homework this past Thursday and so far with the new thought I am practicing, I have just come up with positive thoughts around it. The new thought for the month is “I can easily make (the equivalent of) $3,000 USD a month.” (which is more than double what I currently earn). So the feeling around that so far has been “relieved,” “curious,” “excited,” etc. I know I have doubts about how I can make that kind of money doing what I do and for other reasons. Should I go ahead and write out my reasons I don’t really believe that is possible even though a negative feeling hasn’t popped up yet?
1. I didn’t full heartedly do February’s homework. I didn’t really get how I could generate the feeling that would fuel what I wanted to accomplish and during the day pretty much just forgot about what I wanted to accomplish and the feeling to fuel this. Much less to act as if. Some days I did ultimately get done what I wanted to, but other days I didn’t at all.

2. Also, I don’t get how to really physically feel or describe feelings, or why doing that is so important. That was totally lost on me. Needless to say, I didn’t practice that.

Could you help me with these two things from February? And – should I still be or start doing them (as the case may be) since I didn’t get or fully do them before? (I know I didn’t ask about this before even though I was having trouble with it :/.)