Questions on Apathy

Hi Brooke,

The other day I listened to your apathy podcast again. I had listened to it several months ago and, at that time, the content didn’t impact me in the same way. Now, when I listened to it the content really spoke to me.

I think I have been in a state of apathy for a long time. From the outside perspective, it might not seem that way – I am professionally successful, have done a number of really cool things, traveled the world and am a kind and compassionate person. Many people would probably characterize me as high achieving. However, in listening to the apathy podcast, I was blown away by the concept of creation. More specifically, what have you created in past few years. When I heard that a lightbulb went off. I haven’t really created anything for me – I have done stuff but all of that stuff was either other people’s goals (professionally) or sort of unintentional (personal).

So, now, that I am really aware of how apathy has played a part in my life. I think some of it comes from growing up in a household were both fo my parents were depressed and so the atmosphere of apathy was all I knew! Now that I know this and you have given me the tools to start creating (stop buffering, feel your emotions, create plans, etc.) where do I start? And, how do I sustain staying out of it.