questions on creating a new thoughts podcast

So I listened to the podcast. Loved it as usual.
But I have some questions to the questions haha.

1. My thought is “he is the love of my life”
2. This thought would feel exciting, loving, full of energy, confidence, sexy!
3. If you believe this thought what action will you take that you aren’t taking now:
There aren’t any exact actions. its more like this: I would be more secure, loving, no doubts. and do all the things I want to without always having these thoughts that my relationship isn’t going to last.
4. what results: I will have a more loving and confident relationship with my bf where he can totally be himself and I can love him for that. And I get to tell a fantastic love story and really believe it!!
5. Why I don’t believe this thought right now: because I have negative thoughts popping up sometimes. on bad days really hard.
Believe instead: telling myself an awful story about how we are gonna not end up together. And he’s simply not the one etc.

So my massive action to stop believing this shitty thoughts is this text:
Whenever I have a negative thought coming up I say stop, I don’t want to believe you.
You are not the truth you are only a thought.
My bf can be the love of my life if I really want and I can tell myself a beautiful story that I one day will tell our kids.
He’s patient, he’s attractive, he has the best smile, he’s so so caring, he has wonderful blue eyes, he has a sexy voice, he’s an artist, he’s unique and he has the biggest heart. And I’m so lucky to have this human spend this life with me.
And if my brain has this funny thoughts which build a negative love story, I say stop, I don’t want to believe this. Thanks.
And if my brain has this funny thoughts that I will have a more successful and will have no doubts and attraction to another man, I say no, thats not true, because I can have all that already with my bf.

What do you think??
Sorry for sharing but I had to.
I’m going to tell this lines EVERY TIME I have one of those mean doubtful days where my brain controls me…
It’s time to switch.

thanks guys for supporting me!!

much love!!