Questions to Ask Self to Engage with Our Emotions

Are there some questions I could ask myself to better engage and feel my emotions more fully and process them better? I’m currently struggling with just being able to feel my emotions and describing them through for my own understanding. When I try to intentionally feel on that emotion, and process it through my body, I start to resist and can’t get past the resistance. I try to tell myself that I’m not in harm, that its just a vibration, and I want to feel this to process it, I still hit a wall of “Brain Protection”. I want to feel the emotions and the feelings to better understand myself and my thoughts, but struggling with the knowledge of emotions.

I thought if I could start with a list of questions to describe or just help knowing what to call the emotion, it will help with understanding those emotions. I’ve heard of asking Where in the body?, Does it have a color?, but not sure beyond that.

Also, how can we feel/process a emotion around others without actually showing or expressing the emotions? There are times I know i’m feeling something uncomfortable, or need to allow a feeling, but am around others and don’t always want it to physically show. There are times that I would like to be able to process the emotion on my own, and not have someone ask me What is wrong.