Questions to ask

Hi! I was talking to several friends today and they were not sure if they should fly to their planned events as an example.

Some countries in Europe still allow flights. On the other hand, there is a greater risk to get infected in the airport (I don’t know the exact statistics but let’s imagine that there is and it says that more people get infected in the airports).

What will be the good questions to ask to help people to figure out their confusion – whether they should proceed with the events or cancel? Whether they should really take precautions and stay home (even though it is not legally stated in these countries) or continue with their casual lifestyles?

I was thinking about the event that Brooke recently canceled – I understand that it was a decision to cancel it (it was not externally decided by some law for example), what was the thought process and reasoning behind this decision? What questions would she ask herself when she wants to make a decision in such situations?

Thank you so much for your insights!