Questions to help coach myself

I have been watching a lot of the live coaching calls and have tried to pick up tips to help me self coach…so I have a couple of model questions I was wondering if you could help with..

If I want to achieve something or do something but I am not…can I put my goal in the C line…and work the model from there…or is what I want just a thought?
What can I ask myself to make sure the feeling I am writing in my model is the right one for the thought I am having or vica versa ? Sometimes I think I stick to the same feelings for most models and then they don’t seem quite right…
With my models I always seem to know what I am doing for my A line….but seem to repeat again the same non actions…” self coaching, allowing the emotions..”…but I saw on one of the calls, one of the masters coaches…saying in an unintentional model, something like, “ let’s play….if you were thinking x…what would you be doing…?” And this helped the person see what they weren’t doing…so not doing an intentional model as such but helping them see what they were not doing in their unintentional model…I tried this and found it super helpful…is that okay? And do you have any other suggestions…
I am finding the more I am coaching myself and asking better questions the more awareness I am creating and I am trying to use the live coaching calls as examples as they are amazing at this….
Thank you so much for your help