questions to homework of april

So I’m really excited about this month!! 🙂
But I have some questions. here we go:

1. The first question we have to answer is how we spent our last 24 hours. I mean, my 24 hours of the weekend were much more exciting and useful than a normal workday. which one should I describe to get the best out of this homework?

2. So we have to decide on a goal that we can measure. As I’ve worked on my relationship before and it’s not really measurable I want to choose something else. But I can still work on my negative thoughts if I have some concerning my bf or else?
also I have these new topics:
– getting an internship
– spending less time on social media
– do more workout

which one do you think is the best to choose from?

3. Then we have to say exactly what we have to do to reach our goal right?
So for example if I would choose getting an internship: writing a CV, looking for Jobs, sending out CV everyday, going to job interviews. Is that it? 🙂 or do I have to write down more? Because Brooke is talking about taking 1 hour or more to write down the steps to achieve the goals.

4. And then for those tasks I have to estimate how much time I plan to do them right? and also put it in the calendar

5. Are the Thought download supposed to be about the topic/goal or just what is going on in your mind right then?

6. In the workbook we have to fill out the plan for day 1. so basically its just what we wrote in the calendar right?

7. So if I would do the plan for the day in the morning and then the accomplishment in the evening. when should I do the models and the thought download. in the morning or in the evening?