Questions about weight loss goals

Hi Brooke
I have a few questions I have been struggling with. Here goes:
#1. I am finding it hard to understand how weighing every day but the number on the scale not mattering “marry up” as a way of being in the world.
#2. For this month’s homework, how do I put a time frame on a weigh loss goal? How do I say “I’m losing ten pounds in thirty days” when it’s possible my weight won’t drop despite sticking to protocol for a few weeks, like you said happened to you? Or am I meant to do everything in my power to achieve that goal even if that means not eating anything at all?
#3. I have a very strict protocol. It is this: “A piece of fruit at 12.00, then 4 oz protein, 4 oz veg and 1/3 tablespoon of oil for dinner”. I am STARVING. But, whenever I think about increasing my intake, a little voice says to me: “But you can do hard things. You can do anything if you just change your thoughts”. So I am feeling dreadful about the fact I keep breaking my protocol, because I have taken from Scholars that I can put anything in the R line if only my thoughts are “right”. So I’m trying to find thoughts that help me tolerate my intense hunger but it’s a struggle. What should I do? Change my protocol or keep trying to tolerate the hunger with new thoughts??

Thank you