Quick Model Clarification

Hey Brooke! Can a feeling create a new thought – and, if so, is that new thought the start of a new model? Here’s why I ask.

I had a thought this morning “I want an energy drink” – and I’m specifically off energy drinks – because I was using them as a buffer. They were my day-time work alcohol. So I quickly asked – “What’s the feeling causing me to want to go and buy an energy drink?” I found it was anxiety/discomfort – and that was caused by a thought I had about what I need to do at work today.

However, that thought… “I want an energy drink” …isn’t an action. Getting the energy drink would have been an action. But the thought “I want the energy drink” is a thought. So I’m wondering … when a feeling generates a new thought (“I want X now!”) is that an “action” in the current model – or is that the start of a new model?

I’m guessing it’s a new model – because the thought “I want an energy drink” would make me feel motivated/determined – and then the action I would take is to go get the energy drink. So it makes sense that the first model… “I have so much to do today at work and I’m afraid I won’t get it all done” would create anxiety … and then the thought “I want an energy drink”… and then THAT thought becomes the basis for a new model, which creates the motivation to action on getting the energy drink.

IF that’s the case, does that mean the first model is incomplete? Meaning, the thought about work created a feeling – but not a specific action/result – simply a new thought/model?

As I’m dialing in my understanding of models, just wondered how this all fit in. Thanks!