Quick model question on food and buffering

Hi Brooke, just wanted to run this model past you. I’m modelling my buffering with food every day and this is this morning and this one is quite interesting. I realise I have several thoughts on the model and you always recommend just one but it is so regular for me to think ‘lets eat’ that it comes up any time i’m feeling any sort of discomfort, even mild so this is me attempting the next step to group it as ’emotional eating’ as a general theme. Perhaps that is the wrong thing to do? Also, do I NEED a C in here or is it ok to leave that out? I guess the C is I have a protocol.
C –
T – I’m bored / This is hard / I can’t be bothered / I am grumpy / I’m tired / i’m uncomfortable
F – I should eat something
A – Find something to eat
R – Never eliminate the desire

C –
T – I’m feeling uncomfortable. That is interesting. Food is never the answer.
F – Discomfort. Anxiety.
A – Allow it to be, breath through it.
R – It passes. I stick to protocol. Reduce desire.