Quick Protocol Question

SO — My partner was so impressed with my protocol results, he’s decided to join in. AND he now (happily) cooks the first meal of the day (and we each cook our 2nd separately). Normally, I ate at Noon and 5 – so I was eating within a 6 hour window. He started cooking at Noon. Then he moved it to 11am, because he was hungrier then. Now he cooks the first meal whenever he feels the urge… so it can be as early as 8am and as late as 1pm. I was annoying myself that I “wasn’t on a specific time plan” – but decided to take responsibility and just set a timer for 5 hours from whenever we ate the first meal together. So I’m still in a 6-hour eating window… it just shifts times from day-to-day, depending on when he cooks the 1st meal. It doesn’t seem to be affecting my weight in a negative way – so I’m thinking this is a good workaround. Any thoughts, changes, or just full speed ahead?