Quick Question

Hi Brooke,

I was just doing one of the handouts on the constraint section of How to Feel Better.
On one of the handouts I noticed that the result of my compulsive eating/eating unplanned, is that (of course) it keeps my weight either going up, or more often than not….stagnant since I try hard and do at times lose weight but then it is up and down or overall stagnant from the times I then impulsively give into cravings/urges.

Maybe this is the point, but suddenly a light-bulb went off when I noticed how my weight stays “stagnant”, and was curious about how my current situations in my life that I have trying to improve upon have for such a longggg time also seem to have been “stagnant.” I am really curious here if you would say that our weight is also a direct reflection of our emotional state? I heard you mention on one of the coaching lives that our house mimics our minds…and I can see how physically in my house I have a lot of overwhelm with difficulty knowing where to put things/what to keep or let go of since I have so much stuff…..I can see the parallel in my life with the house, so I was curious if weight is the same thing? Thank you!!