Quit Drinking Coffee

My parents live with me & my family due to unfortunate circumstances & have for 7 years now. Every morning we drink coffee together & bond. We have grown quite close over these morning talks. I really enjoy this time together. The problem is that over the past couple of months I have been getting very sick every morning after drinking coffee. I know I need to stop drinking coffee but I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out. I have tried drinking tea or warm lemon water, it just doesn’t feel the same though. So I have come up with a model & a reframe…this is my first attempt at this process, so I was wondering if I am doing it right.
This is what I have:
C- Coffee makes my stomach hurt . T- I NEED to quit drinking coffee so I can feel better. F- sad, left-out. A- I turn back to coffee. R- My stomach keeps hurting and it’s getting worse with each passing day.
C- Coffee makes my stomach hurt. T- I WANT to stop drinking coffee so I can feel better. F- empowered. A- I make better drinking decisions that help my stomach to heal. R- My stomach stops hurting and motivates me to cut out coffee completely. (Is it okay to create the future I want through the model?)