Quitting but liking my reason

Hi Brooke,
My question has to do with quitting vs. committing.

At the beginning of this year, I made the decision to go in one direction for my business. It has been going well, with normal highs and lows (50/50!).

However, recently, I have wanted to change direction slightly from my original plans. There are other areas that I now want to pursue, and I do not want to continue some former projects.

For example, I committed to teaching a class at the end of November in an area that I do not want to continue teaching. It would require a lot of additional time and prep on my part, researching and writing content and then actually teaching the course.

I want to cancel it because I have new clarity around my business and want to devote that energy to new projects. I could do both- the old course and new projects. However, I think that’s coming from a lot of “shoulds” around continuing and not really what I want to do. I don’t like to see myself as a quitter or slacker. I like to see myself as someone who does hard things. I can hear you saying that I should stay committed to teaching the class because I said I would.

I could change my thought here… but here’s the thing: I really like my reasons for quitting in this case. In fact, I love them. I want to believe my thought that it’s the right thing to do. It makes me feel energized and excited, and I believe thst if I were to think that thought (that it’s the right decision to cancel), it would lead to massive action (around new projects) and the results would be new business and more satisfied clients.

If there are no bad decisions and I like my reason, I’d like to cancel the class. But I’m curious if you think I should switch my model instead and commit to teaching it while working on a more positive thought about it. I’m doubting myself and feeling a lot of shoulds, not knowing if this is the right thing or if the right thing is to stay committed to my original plan.