Quitting my job?

I have been at my current workplace for 10 years, leading large projects with success. There has been, however, over the last three years, according to myself, a very negative tendency within the leader group to bad values. I have tried to address this many times but I have come to realize that this is the way it has become and I can’t make a manual for how they are. So my model looks something like this:

C: Leadership principles in workplace is going against my values
T: I am not happy or motivated anymore and this actually makes me sick, I should quit but there are many good things also, (many of my employees are great, money is great , marked to get new job is harder due to corona
F: Stressed, confused, not at all motivated
A: Stuck with confusing thoughts, going to work half hearted, not performing my best.
R: stuck and not doing a good job, not respecting myself for not doing my best in the job, my energy is getting low. Actually getting physically symptoms that I experienced when I was in a bad marriage. (That I finally got out of three years ago)

Can you help me with this model? I seem to get stuck here…… Sorry if my English is not perfect.
I am in a good financial situation so I could quit my job without having a new one, but this seems soooooo scary.
Wish you all a great day.