Quitting on models

I received coaching today where I shared that I keep jumbling my models so I haven’t been doing them. Essentially we came up with I don’t think I am good at them so I don’t do them but I want to do them. I will learn more in certification next month. So much dissonance.

C: Models
T: I am not pulling the right corresponding thought to the right feeling aka jumbled
F: resistant
A: think my brain is too jumbled, overwhelmed at pulling all of the thoughts and feelings and all the models, think I should do models, don’t do models or thought downloads
R: I am jumbled

C: Models
T: I like the clarity I will receive from doing models
F: hopeful
A: submit models to Ask a Coach for feedback, ask myself more questions, stop expecting myself to “already have this”
R: Receive some clarity on why I haven’t been doing models