Are you quitting, if you’re changing how you’re getting to a goal?


Does changing a goal equate to quitting a goal? Can you get to a goal a different way than what you thought initially?

Asking because as you know, my goal is to sell $80K a month in custom window treatments. In mid-March, I started to make real traction towards that goal and then in April, I began to plummet and most of May was bumpy. I’ve started the month (June) with more momentum, and have made quite a few sales so far, and I’m heading in the right direction as of now.

With that said, in addition to the previous, I found out that over 1/2 the leads I’ve been generating myself (since mid-April and all of May) have been taken from me and given to another decorator (in a totally different district/territory/part of town). I also found out that a several thousand dollar sale that I closed last month was taken from me (along with the entire commission) and given to another decorator. At first, I was infuriated by my thoughts on the actions of management/office politics. However, I’ve worked through them and I’m not angry anymore. I feel that everything is happening for me, even if I can’t see precisely why, and that one day I will reflect on this season of my life and laugh wholeheartedly.

With that said, I’m weighing out the pros and cons between A) getting another sales job in this industry–which I love!) with a company that has integrity and transparency—by starting over with a new sales/money goal, B) staying at this job temporarily and figuring out how to make it work despite the adversity, meet my $80K mo. sales goal and then peace out, or C) keep this job and work another job too and count the money/sales made from the second job (in combination with my first job) to make my sales goal?

Despite the office politics/management, I really love my job and what I do, which is why I want to stay in this industry even if I change companies. Please let me know your thoughts, I believe that I can make my goal, yet I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot in expectations of myself, (i.e. efforts—leads & sales—I’m making are being taken and given to other decorator(s).