R. 20 people signed up

I just started promoting a 4 week class I will be teaching beginning October 11th. I want to have 20 people signed up. I was making a list of intentional thoughts that I would want to think on purpose to really help me take that massive action needed to get those 20 people signed up.

T. There are way more than 20 people out there who can benefit from this class
T. I have created a lot of value with this class.
T. This class has the ability to change peoples lives.
T. I always give 150% when teaching this class.
T. I love teaching this class.
T. I don’t (won’t) give up on myself.
T. I plan to feel uncomfortable as I push through my fears, and that’s OK.
T. This is what I want.
T. I want to prove to myself that I can do this.
T. Filling this class will be a fun adventure.
T. People are waiting for me to tell them about this class.
T. Me, managing my brain, will help so many more people beside myself.
T. Me, overcoming my fear of showing up, will help so many more people beside myself.
T. I’ve got this
T. I’m willing to try everything
T. I’m willing to get no’s on my way to getting my 20 yes’s.
T. Getting a no doesn’t mean anything about me.
T. Done and done.

In making the list I was wondering about choice of words. ” will be” vs. ” could be”
Filling this class could be an adventure vs. filling this class will be an adventure. Will be elicits more certainly, powerfulness and could be elicits excitement. But, could be seems to leave room, for; could be not an adventure as well. What are your thoughts about this?

I was also looking at I don’t vs I won’t. I don’t give up on myself vs. I won’t give up on myself. I don’t elicits powerfulness, confidence and I won’t elicits determination (for me)
I want to be both confident and determined so would it be: “I don’t and I won’t give up on myself?” Actually I like that, so perhaps I answered my own question.

One last thing I am noticing is that I want you to give me some thoughts to think. My thought is, “My thoughts are not good enough, Brooke always has such great thoughts!” or “Brooke probably has the perfect thought that will get me the result that I want!!!!”

YEAH! I love that I just saw that thought and the lie of it. The truth is that my intentional thoughts are going to get me the result that I want. Period.

Thanks for being on the other end of this!
XX Janet