R line

What kind of stuff goes in the R line? If I take an action, can someone else’s response go in the R line? Or would that just start a new model with it going in the C line?

Can my feelings going in the R line? Or my actions?

I feel stumped because of this model…

C- Goal: sell $300
T- I can do this!
F- determined
A- make 100 dials
R-set 8 sales appointments

I created that result, but it’s also other people’s choice to meet with me. I could have set 0 appointments!

Or an interpersonal one…

C-Husband is upset about work
T-I really want to be there for him
A- Get his favorite food, and spend an hour talking about his problem
R- husband feels better
R-I feel like I lived out my values of being a compassionate partner
R- we talked for an hour