Rage at husband

Dear Brooke and coaches:

I’m trying to find new believable thoughts that will serve me in moments when I feel/choose rage coming on related to the speed at which my husband moves and gets things done.

I’m trying out “he’s doing the best he can” and “I can handle however long it takes” and “there isn’t a right way or speed to do things.”

Any other ones I could try on?

C: husband uses the bathroom before relieving me from baby duty
T: He is taking such a long time and I need his help NOW
F: Rage
A: Bite the insides of my cheeks
R: Hand the baby off feeling full of rage

T: He doesn’t care that I am waiting.
Same F, A, R.

T: He spends too much time on tasks.
Same F, A, R


T: I can handle anything
F: Calm
A: Wait
R: Calm