Hello coaches

When I am nervous or uncomfortable, I get a horrendous red blotchy rash all over my chest and neck. The worst thing is people say ‘omg, what on earth has happened to your neck? You must be having an allergic reaction to something’. I can always feel it when it is there, and as soon as I know it, it just gets worse.

I usually get it when:

– if I get emotional when I talk to someone (angry, sad, embarrassed)
– if I feel like someone is listening to me and I need to impress them
-if someone is listening to me intently and focusing on nothing else but me
– if someone is listening to me, I feel like I need to rush to get it all out before I get talked over

I know I get it because I am not confident in my skin
I rarely get it around people I am 100% comfortable around.
It is upsetting, and I struggle to think about it as a positive thing.