RE: Dealing with "down" days

Why does wondering if your “down” days are a signal to take a break and rest feed into your down feelings? Check in on what you are making it mean that you have a “down” day.
What if it’s okay to have a “down” day? You know as a Scholar that you can manage your mind around this feeling, but let’s get curious about your reasons for coaching yourself out of it. Are there any shoulds creeping in?

You’re right, I’m making it mean I’ll fall behind in my business, may miss an opportunity to create a client and am not a serious businesswoman. I’m conflicted because part of me just wants to allow myself the freedom to choose to take a break when I’m really feeling like I need it, without self-judgment.

I also realize that I am thinking I can coach myself out of down days, so why shouldn’t I?

This all comes down to me taking full responsibility for my choices. I can decide to allow myself a break on an occasional “down” day. I may also decide to manage myself differently and work despite the down feelings, they can ride sidecar. I will make the decisions as they come. I choose to believe one day won’t make a difference in the long-term health of my business. Thoughts?