RE: Feeling stuck

The want:  Meeting someone to be with for the rest of my life.  It is a want that I put so much focus and energy on.  I overthink in this area. The man who is the subject of my love tends to get more attention than even me. I feel often like I don’t want to mess it up. Is that healthy because I know nothing is certain to last forever; nothing really does.  And some people do end up alone in their love life.
Is there a better way to think about having a love life, or wanting a partner that has a good “want match” about the important areas for me?  Is there a constructive way to begin thinking about a love life with less controlling, needy or fearful tendencies?  Or allowing it to get the same focus that friendships, work, etc. get?  Or is it ok for it to have a lot of focus if it’s an important part of life?