RE: Procrastination (continued)

I thought a little more about the question I posted last night.

Is my job then to convince myself that the action I’m procrastinating does matter and will create results so that I’ll be motivated to do it?

I’m reflecting on how advertising is one thing that I am actually motivated to do right now and not procrastinating. I took your advice about doing the math and I determined after some calculations that if I can increase my traffic via advertising then I could easily increase my revenue given my current average conversion rate and an estimated CTR. As I played around with the numbers I got really excited about the possibilities and I was super motivated with getting started and doing the work. Before I got to this point though, I was scanning for proof of effectiveness and success stores. I had been avoiding advertising for so long and relying only on other marketing methods because all I had heard continuously from other business owners was that they weren’t getting a return on their investment and that ads just weren’t that effective. You talking about FB ads on your podcast actually was a success story that prompted me to question my belief that ads aren’t effective and worth it. After hearing about ads and their effectiveness again from a few other people, I started to believe, “ok, maybe this can work for me too and I should really look into it and test it out.”

I’m also thinking that if my brain wants to know about the level of effectiveness of certain actions, then I should make it a point to regularly track metrics in detail, would you agree? Do you mainly use Google Analytics to do this? Did you learn how to do it yourself or do you use an expert? Any resources you’d recommend?