Re Stop Over Drinking

My husband wants to go cold turkey for 2 months, we have done this a month at a time on a few occasions, we make a promise to GOD and that makes it off limits to cheat. We always include a health plan ie go to gym and eat better during that time off from liquor. Problem #1 However once we get to the end he is always planning our big party if you will. Each time Im torn because I feel like I could “possibly” never over drink again until he starts talking and planning ect then I fall right back into drinking with him again. Problem #2 I’ve tried not drinking when he is drinking and it seems to be impossible to enjoy our marriage at all . I am the Buoy and the sunshine most of the time. I have tried and tried to get past that feeling after hearing the call you took referring to the Buoy, back in feb. I think and find it manageable most of the time but often he escalates to a level that I cannot just tell myself to change how I feel about it but it( and our relationship) but it has opened my eyes to being in charge of how it makes me feel about myself. Im still working on it lol.
Anyway we drink nearly every night -and I can easily drink 3-4 martinis or a bottle of wine or more.
I am wondering should I take this opportunity to quit drinking with him? I am worried that it will end like it always does and I dont want to just hold a ball under water. Or should I just start the plan on my own and widdle down to where I dont feel the urges so significantly and then agree to stop drinking for 2 months. I really want to be successful this time. I am fine with occasional drinking but don’t want to cont this stop start binge drink cycle . One issue is I dont seem to have a compelling enough reason that sticks. (even though Im 60lbs over wt and have a fatty liver)
Im going to schedule a session with Rachel soon but wanted to hear your response first.
I tried to introduce the stop over drinking plan at all he calls it “just a excuse” and won’t hear me out.
Sorry so long, but trust me could have been a lot longer lol.
Thank you for your help and advice, You and your program are amazing!
Momma Mel