Re-worked Model After Your Input

So here is the model I sent yesterday and you responded with some help. I am posting the model I first sent and then the model revised. Again, I am looking for input. I do have a tutoring session lined up for next Saturday, but I still want to be working on this. As you said, I broke this one model into two since I had to emotions going on.
Thank you.

previous model

C- Models
T- angry and disappointed that Brooke did not tell me I was doing the models 100 percent correctly
E-angry and disappointed
A-couldn’t stop thinking about it all night
R-anger and disappointment

original useful model
C- Models
T-Get a reality check? Its Brooke’s job to teach me how to get better at model writing
F (I left this out in the first useful model) understanding
A keep sending her models and know this is part of the process. I will schedule a tutoring session
R-get better at model writing

Okay so with some of your direction and maybe seeing what the model should really look like… I made two models as suggested because my original model had two emotions

This was the “anger” emotion model which I realized in doing this that that was not my dominant feeling.

C- Brooke didn’t think my model was 100 percent correct
T- Oh No! She didn’t think I was perfect at this
E- stupid ( my first model I stated angry but I realize now I was feeling stupid)
A- thinking negative thoughts about myself about how I am doing everything wrong in the program.
R- angry with myself and afraid Brooke will think I’m an idiot

C-Brooke didn’t think I was doing the model 100 percent correctly
T- Reality Check! I’m not supposed to be 100 percent correct at model writing a week into the program.
E- Learning
A- stop trying to be a perfectionist
R- continue to practice writing models and be open to help

second useful model for emotion “disappointed”

C- Brooke didn’t think I was doing the model 100 percent correctly
T- I was sure I was doing this right. Now What?1
E- disappointed
A- feel like a failure, bad mood, take it out on husband
R- disappointed and angry

new useful model

C- Brooke didn’t think I did the model 100 percent correctly
T- Reality Check! I’m not supposed to be perfect at this one week into this.
E- self-compassion
A- try not to be so hard on myself (which is a pattern)
R- I will not feel disappointed in my work in scholars because I’m always learning

seriously open to help……but…….you have no idea how long this took me changing, changing, changing. This certainly doesn’t come naturally!! lol!