Reaction to larger than expected business valuation

My country just wrapped up it’s financial year and I received our most recent business valuation from my virtual CFO today. It is much larger than I was expecting based on increased product sales. I am having a very strange emotional reaction. I feel quiet, almost secret pride, but also this strange quickening & tightening in my chest. I’ve got a strong urge to almost physically push the valuation / success away. A friend called to congratulate me and I tried to make it about the product or the sale strategy, both of which I am responsible for, as if I wasn’t responsible for the business success. As if it is somehow outside of me. I was very uncomfortable when she attempted to say nice things.

I can’t really identify the thought in my model but the feeling is confusing and I don’t want this to disrupt my steady results.

C: My CFO valued my business at x
T: ?
F: Discombobulated
A: Make the success about things outside of me
R: ?