Ready for a new goal?

Hi! First of all… Thank you!! This is all so amazing. Like a symphony.

I am down 20 lbs and one pound from my goal. So awesome. Wow wow wow. And I love this lifestyle. Love fasting, love cycling, love measuring, love the awareness. After watching all of the weight loss courses, feel like my grasp of all the pieces is strong. I have integrated daily scale weigh-ins, thought downloads, meal planning, clear measurements, all the things, and it all feels amazing. It’s taken about 4 months.

All the while, I was also using 321 daily toward this goal.

Really happy with the body and lifestyle *and* once I hit this goal – I know I ultimately want to release 10 more pounds, even if I end up choosing to gain a few back.

Meanwhile, now is the time I want to really grow my coaching business, and I’d love to set a goal there, and start using 321 there now.

I’d be cool with maintaining my current goal weight (or just seeing what happens as I maintain the lifestyle I’ve been living these past 4 months) while I focus on this business goal, and come back to focusing on 10 last pounds afterward, if the focus there is needed to create this. Still, definitely want to stay alert and on point about the healthy lifestyle all the while.

My plan for now is to hit the goal weight, then switch the daily 321 to my business goal, but schedule a weekly time to check in with myself about how I’m doing in terms of healthy lifestyle / allowing food urges / planning / staying on course there.

I guess the thoughts happening here are: I’ve got the healthy lifestyle going and can maintain this while taking on a new goal. / The new goal will support my other maintenance goal. / I have really been solid in my learning and integrating and am ready for a new goal now.

– And –

Am I rushing into a different goal? / What about just finishing up with the weight stuff and still making some progress in the biz (as any goal supports all inherent goals) / Am I doing too much? / Am I doing it wrong? / I don’t want to get overwhelmed. / What if I bring another ball to juggle and drop them all? / What if I don’t have as strong a grasp of the healthy lifestyle as I think?

Thanks so much in advance for your feedback and support!