Ready for school to start

My kids are back to school is on August 12.
I have a thought that I am not ready, which is making me feel anxious. I keep circling through my model and realizing that I keep looking at the actions to change my feeling, not my thought. I have planned the things that I need to do on my calendar, but because they are in the future, I keep thinking if I did them now, I would feel better.

I would appreciate some support cleaning up my models.

Unintentional Model
C: school starts august 12
T: I’m not ready
F: anxiety
A: worry
R: I feel bad

Intentional model
C – school starts august 12
T – I have everything I need to do planned in time
F – uneasy (is this coming from a different thought?)
A – worry
R – I feel bad

Intentional Model
C school starts august 12
T I’m ready
F productive
A not follow the plan, put off work to handle personal tasks, revisit the calendar multiple times.
R feel better about school but drop ball in other areas.