Readying myself for the amazing journey ahead – tackling mental illness

Hi Brooke – So happy to be a part of SCS! It’s exactly what I need in my life right now. I am committed to do this program for a year and to come to your coach training in 2018! (Please pencil me in!!) I am currently getting my ducks in a row and working on coaching a very exclusive client this year – ME! I would love to put together a program to coach parents of adult children who deal with Schizophrenia because I am one of the lucky people who deal with this. I don’t have any formal psych training just the voracious love of a mother who has tried to do everything in her power to make a life worth living for me and my family. As you say, everything that happens was meant to be and I believe that. Experiencing the ups and downs, frustrations, sadness and loss has made me the person I am today. Your work has been life altering for me and I believe that it can also help those who have loved ones who deal with this as well as those who are affected with this thought disorder. I feel like it’s a very heavy, sensitive and stigmatized subject and one that I’m familiar with. I foresee putting this together as something that will take a lot of hard work, research, thought, care, knowledge and strength and then some… But it can be something that can truly make a difference in people’s lives – it’s definitely possible and I am ready to get to work! Along with this disorder there is the addiction aspect that goes hand in hand or a dual diagnosis as they call it – so lucky me to hit the double jackpot!! I still get frustrated and sad when dealing with my son’s issues but it’s easier now that I can let things go so they don’t drag me down. Any thoughts on how I should proceed during this year+ so that I can ready myself to create something life altering for others?