Real Estate

C: I bought real estate course to become a realtor on Tuesday. I told my sister on Thursday. She bought it on Thursday. We live in same town.
T: I hope there’s enough for both of us.
F: Worry
A: Feel an urge to get ahead in the course
Have a scarcity mindset
Feel concerned that my mom wants her more than me on her team.
Not work on my other business
Scroll Instagram
R: Not working towards making room for both of us.

Intentional model:
C: Same as above
T: this could be amazing to work with my whole family and crush it as a team!
F: Excited
A: Start learning about how to get leads
Take my course
Trust my entrepreneurial skills
Create the income I want
R: make my dream income AND do it with family

I want to fully believe the second model but I’m only about 70% there…. Any tips?