Real estate agent 10th visit. Getting impatient.

Yesterday we had our 10th visit for our house we have on sale. Like almost all other visits I had a positive feeling during the hour or so the real estate agent was here with the couple. I had the house perfectly prepared, nothing that I could have done more or better.

Now the day after I start thinking. “All other times I also felt positive and we didn’t get an offer, so why should we get one now?”What can I do but wait for the feed back that we probably get beginning next week.

In an unintentional model:

C. 10th visit real estate agent with interested couple Oct 4.
T. Although my feelings were very positive, we might not get an offer as until now
F. Insecure
A. Thinking all day of the consequences when we’ll not sell it soon. Thinking what I can do more to get it sold.
R. ?

C. Same
T. I did all I could do so I can only wait
F. Trust
A. Enjoy the weekend and let go of the outcome
R. ?


C. Same
T. Whatever the feedback, I can handle it. I was able so 9 x before.
F. Determined
A. Waiting in trust, in the meantime looking for more options to sell.
R. ?

I’m asking myself, why making an intentional model? Isn’t it ‘normal’ being insecure after a visit waiting for the outcome? Since it’s not in my hands. Isn’t this a normal 50% ‘negative’ feeling that I can accept in these situations? I do have the motivation to do everything needed to sell, so that’s not a problem. I ‘just’ want it to happen soon:-)!

I wrote as intentional feelings trust and determination, but to be honest, I have trust on the long run we’ll sell it, but for this particular couple, I have no idea. Maybe impatient might be a more correct feeling for how I feel.

I might better make 2 models? One for the sale of the house, in general. And one for the visit yesterday?

Any feedback on my brain-production??
Thank you!