My Real Impossible Goal 2018

I now know how to effectively manage my mind and therefore I create beautiful and brilliant outcomes.

I am someone who, moment by moment, with passionate conviction, dis-identifies with her random, conditioned thoughts/feelings, (oh there it is; that’s OK; so what?) and identifies with her intentional thoughts;
I am someone who is willing to handle any undesired feeling, knowing it is a fleeting sensation from an unintentional thought;
I am someone who meditates for 15-30 minutes once or twice a day, every day, to actively create neural networks to support dis-identification and intentional creation;
I am someone who is open to creative inspiration and embraces it;
I am someone who actively nurtures her intentional thoughts and desires;
I make good things happen, no matter what, when, who…moment by moment, every day
I am someone who lives her life with a sort of passionate detachment and wonder…yet creating positive outcomes on-goingly.

I am someone who does this, day in, day out, with optimism, mental clarity, faith and commitment

I am already Victorious