Reality doesn’t exist without interpretation

Hi Brooke,

In your last coaching call you said reality doesn’t exist without interpretation, meaning it doesn’t matter if you look at something positively or negatively, it’s delusional either way, so you might as well focus on what serves you.

I love that 🙂

I then started to think about the C line (Circumstances).

They are facts, but if reality doesn’t exist without interpretation, does that mean the C line is only the C line when (in law speak) a majority of the average healthy person would agree it’s the C line?

For example, your C line could be that you’re a life coach, but other people might disagree and think “no she’s not a coach because she’s not certified with ICF”

Couldn’t this be done with any C line?

Is a microwave a microwave? A dog or a baby might think it’s a “scary loud thing to avoid”, someone with a phobia of microwaves might think so as well.

My gender as female could be a circumstance, but then again, my source energy is made of pure positive energy, not feminine or masculine energy. So even that’s up to interpretation right?

Would love your thoughts on this 🙂