Reality or overwhelm?

Hi! I am working on Decembers homework and came up with wanting to make $50,000 cash by Dec 31,2019 so I can take coach training in 2020 and my boyfriend can start his impossible goal (I owe him that money). Anyway, I wrote that goal down this morning. Later that morning I got a call from my mothers doctor that they would like to evaluate her for a liver transplant. This is great news! However, I am her person when it comes to medical assistance, this involves lots of availability mentally and physically. I work full time and have a family and could go on and on regarding my other responsibilities. I am feeling so overwhelmed. This new development will require several days off of work, possibly a leave of absence. I can work through the overwhelm (realizing that is a thought) but wonder if I am pushing myself too much. I have been the caregiver for a lot of family and it gets hard to manage at times. These are all facts that have been true for a very long time. I have accomplished a lot despite these chosen responsibilities. I am now having extreme anxiety over all of it.
C: Life’s responsibilities
T: I am totally overwhelmed – how can I add something else?
F: Anxiety
A: spin and spin. Push through the day at work trying to maintain my composure and try not buffer with food.
R: Get more behind at work and play the victim role to who ever will listen. Waste time in overwhelm and don’t plan

C: Life’s responsibilities
T: I got this, there is no hurry
F: Peace
A: Support my mom, family, work and don’t rush through any of it. Look to take some time off of work – Go home make a list of what needs to be done at home – calendar – Constrain at work to what provides the most value – Look at your impossible goal and do the work – Continue your models. Plan- take action- review- learn.
R: Support family and continue to be the women I am meant to be. Work towards my impossible goal and be a loving mother, sister, granddaughter, girlfriend and nurse. Pursue my goal of coaching nurses who are career caregivers and personal caregivers.