Tonight I had an experience where it became really clear to me how my thoughts overlay everything. We did a meditation where our eyes, ears and nose were closed. I couldn’t see or hear anything outside of myself. It was all me. Inside, I heard all the thoughts. In the darkness and the quiet behind my closed ears and eyes, there were my thoughts! Same thoughts as if my bf was standing in front of me saying words. The same thoughts that I sometimes accidentally take to be true. Only he wasn’t there in front of me. I wasn’t observing anything. It was very much like a dream, only I was awake. I felt the feelings in my body the way we sometimes do when we’re dreaming. I felt them even though there were no circumstances. This led me to realize how much our “waking life” isn’t much different from sleeping/dreaming life. What even is reality? Am I way off base here? Am I losing it? 😂