Am I really fat adapted, though?

Hi Brooke,

You kind of blew my mind with the whole idea of being fat adapted, and eating within a 6-8 hour window. For me, this was such a relief — I’ve always felt guilty about only eating two meals a day, not wanting to carry around almonds & carrot sticks for snacks, etc. because I thought I was screwing up my metabolism.

Once I heard the word (thanks, podcasts!) I realized that it wasn’t my natural rhythm of not eating meals for 14-16 hours — it’s my intense sugar cravings, emotional eating, and tendency to combine both in a fog when working late at night.

So, I guess my question is this — you say in the SOE workbook that you know when you’re fat adapted because you can get through 14-16 hours comfortably without eating. I am so there. It feels like coming home. I get hungry sometimes, but in the hey-I-see-you-hunger way, not the don’t stand between me and my cookies way. Is this just a honeymoon period where it feels easy, but an insulin monster is waiting around the corner? Or is this being fat adapted? Thanks for helping me figure out where I stand so I can move forward confidently!

another Katie in Alaska 😉