There really is room for us all!

Your story number 3 today about your puppy experience was to show how you saw and connected the magic in your life so that you were in the right place at the right time with the right help when your pup needed you. Here’s my magic story that just occurred and some models about it.

Following on the heels of your coaching me today on getting in the game now and doing a podcast on my fibromyalgia to healing journey, I happened to click on (what I thought was a random) email of several from someone related to a summit of some sort I signed up for but haven’t been tuning into. The subject of this one particular email was to introduce me to one of the speakers. Her free gift happens to be a hypnosis meditation for breaking sugar addiction. I am definitely addicted to sugar so, even though SCS has all the tools I need to assist myself in the work of breaking my addiction, I clicked the link to see what her hypnosis meditation is. Turns out it is a free multi-day course on hypnosis for sugar addiction (not just a simple download of one MP3 file). I think “Brilliant. I can personally benefit from it AND it can serve as hopefully a good example for me in putting together a course or a freebie or something of my own.” And I think “Hmm, maybe someday I can be a featured speaker on a summit.” In the course intro there’s a link to her TEDx video on using hypnotherapy to heal disease. So I tune in. Turns out she suffered from fibromyalgia at one time. And the only other person/client she mentions also suffered from fibromyalgia. They could have been any disease but they both happened to be fibromyalgia. Then the brain went rogue and the sneaky thought errors revealed themselves! My models:

C-just learned about this expert/speaker
T-See, there’s already someone who has healed herself from fibromyalgia speaking and using that as her platform. (Implied thought that there isn’t room for two doing this.)
F-let down, discouraged, late to the “show”
A-start thinking about something else. Potentially change my identified niche. Give up on the podcast idea.
R-spinning wheels continue to spin.

C-just learned about this expert/speaker
T-isn’t this great that the universe directed my attention to this email for this speaker with THAT freebie so I could find this example of someone publicly speaking about Fibromyalgia healing of all things. Isn’t it great that there is room for more than one person to speak about this and specialize in this niche as a holistic coach or alternative method provider, just as there is room for many top life coaches (of which Brooke is one) and many Tex-Mex restaurants and many flavors of clothing stores.
F-eager (to learn from her), calm (about my niche) & excited (about my podcast to be)
A-continue on as planned. Learn what I can from this person. Take the best and leave the rest. Add “be a summit expert” to my daily homework idea generation
R-I’m a podcaster. I’m continuing my healing journey. Some day I will be a summit speaker/expert.

The great news is I caught this thought error within seconds of it popping up so I could immediately turn it around. Yay!
Thanks for the coaching today!