I am really struggling with this month’s work

I am really struggling with this month’s work – I should not have waited until the last week to admit this, but I procrastinated.

I have always considered myself to be a starter, big picture thinker, abundance of ideas… I have such a hard time sticking items on my calendar and doing it. The crazy thing is that I love planning. I love charting progress. But I am stuck doing b- work at the last minute. So I know I am capable in finishing projects. I just stress myself out and create anxiety around completing projects. I want to be able to make a time commitment and stick to it. To honor myself, I am uncovering feelings of disappointment from my thinking, and still looking for the root cause or thinking. I had a 10 minute tutorial session, but I still feel very unresolved in this area. Can you help me with a ladder from procrastination to commitment to self. When something is on my calendar it is as good as done.

Thank you, I thought you had a coaching call today, I am a day late – oops another calendar mistake. I emailed Erika for coaching on this.