Really Struggling W podcast 81 – When Something Bad Happens

Hi, first of all I want to say that I really have benefited from program. But I am really struggling with what I just heard in this podcast. Brooke uses the example of a little boy being diagnosed with Lyme disease and her comment is that it’s not good or bad it’s just how you choose to look at it. I am really struggling to understand where she’s coming from on this comment. Replacing that with “my child has cancer” or “my child was killed” or “I was raped” – How are any of these not good or bad but how you choose to look at them?? Objectively these situations are all awful for someone to have happened to them. As a sexual assault survivor myself I am upset and almost offended by this comment but acknowledge perhaps I am not understanding it completely. I understand that some of the point is if your child has lyme disease you can choose to be hopeful and optimistic about it – but I do not agree with or understand the comment these aren’t good or bad situations. These are objectively bad situations. To me it feels like these are comments made by a very privileged person who hasn’t experienced awful things in their life. I really want to understand and agree with the sentiment so I would love further clarification.