Reasonable weight loss pace for me?

I’m participating in the 8 lbs down challenge, but I’m questioning whether it’s reasonable for me to lose 2 lbs per week because of my starting weight. I’m 5’6, 31 yrs old, and weighed 123.5 June 1st. I want to get down to 115 lbs, so the 8 lbs down challenge seemed just right. But even with my diet changes, I’ve lost 1 lb per week instead of the 2 I was expecting.

Given my starting weight, is it more reasonable for me to expect a 1 lb/wk weight loss with my diet changes?

Here’s what I’ve done:

– I was never a big sweets eater or a snacker but for the challenge, I’ve made sure to cut them out completely.
– I’ve also mostly cut out all types of flour—I might have a some gluten-free pasta or gnocci 1-2x per week, but I keep the portion size small.
– I’ve kept breakfast because I feel better with it, but breakfast is small, usually an egg fried in some butter with a slice of prosciutto.
– I’ve increased the veggie portion on my plate while decreasing the starch.
– I’ve also been eating smaller portions overall, making sure to tune in to my satiety levels and stopping when I’m no longer hungry rather than full.
– I’ve been walking for 30 min, 4-5x per week.
– I have a 1/4 glass of red wine with dinner (because I like wine w/ dinner)