Reasons why the goal is impossible and the strategies to overcome them; actionable strategy vs. thought-work, result vs activity

My impossible goal for 2018 is to build my sexuality coaching business that makes $200K in 2018 (while still working full-time as software engineer).

I did the workbook exercises: reasons why it’s impossible, strategies to overcome them, and 25 epic fails for 1st quarter.
I have questions around if I did the exercises ‘correctly’ and how I can improve on doing them effectively.

For the strategies, sometimes I came up with actionable ‘strategies’, e.g. for the reason ‘$200K is a crazy amount of money’, the corresponding strategy was ‘Have a money plan. Know what you charge and how much you need to sell’. But many of them were more like changing a thought around, e.g. for the reason ‘I don’t know anyone who has accomplished this in their first year’, the response was ‘No one has run the sub-4 min mile before someone did’, so this doesn’t sound like an actionable strategy, but more like thought-work.
Maybe a strategy for this could be ‘Do models on this thought’ or ‘Research and find success stories and successful people. Listen to interviews with them and embody their way of being that enabled them to be successful’.
What would be your strategy corresponding to the reason ‘I don’t know anyone who what accomplished this in their first year’?

Another question around strategies and epic fails: for the reason ‘I’m not a native English speaker, I don’t have copywriting skills, I write very slowly’, I came up with the strategy ‘Study Marie Forleo’s copywriting class. Writing produces writing. Practice writing. Write every day. Journaling, emails, blogs, podcasts, FB ads, anything’. Would ‘complete a copywriting class’ qualify as a result I want to produce, or is it just an activity? If it doesn’t qualify as a result, the result would be ‘write 12 blog entries’? Or does ‘write 12 blog entries’ also wouldn’t qualify as a result?