Reassurance vs Self Confidence Follow Up

Hi Brooke,

Thank you for your reply earlier, I welcome your feedback (not reassurance) on my 3 steps to defining my target market.

Step 1; define the person
Woman, have children, have/had a successful career, want to start their own business or change careers completely, in a long term relationship, intelligent. Logical (think they know better but still can’t quite figure it out). Feel like no matter how successful they are or what they do they always feel like they are failing or useless or that something is missing. Goal setters. Fun. A bit cheeky, like to swear and laugh at themselves.

Woman who are kind of lacking in every “department” (kind of overweight, kind of unhealthy, kind of a good Mum, kind of do Yoga).

Step two; what is their problem in their words.
Don’t know how to make decisions in life because I’m too afraid of making a mistake or failing.
Live their life for their family and forgetting about themselves and are struggling to connect with and make healthy conscious choices in their life about careers, hobbies, relationships, family and friends because they are too busy and overwhelmed.

Step three; how are you solving their problem?
By showing you how to take control of your emotional, physical and financial destiny through managing your thoughts and teaching you how to live in alignment with your deepest values and intuition through an interactive and methodical hands-on system.