Rebuilding Resilience

I’ve always been a positive, motivated person despite some obstacles in life.

The last 2 years have been one difficult thing after another and I’m noticing I’m really struggling with bouncing back. Ive been that woman who did way too much for everyone but herself until she crashed and burned. Super high expectations of myself. of others, neglected myself (and this is 100% the reason I joined SCS – to learn to take care of myself).

Appreciate thoughts on my models. 🙂

C: PTSD, depression and anxiety
T: I can’t take one more thing (and naturally, something else happens lol)
F: Broken
A: Overcompensate – try to do too much
R: Exhaustion, self fulfilling prophecy, crash and burn!

C: PTSD, depression and anxiety
T: I need to slow down and take care of myself
F: compassion for myself
A: Evaluate schedule and rework as necessary to reduce stress
R: I keep it together