Recap of my interview

Hi Brooke, I wrote about a week back that I had reached out to a hiring manager and was given an interview even though my application was screened out by HR. Well, I have to say that the days after were the most challenging days with my thoughts and insecurities.

I read your response and I cried. I met up with 3 different friends that offered and even reached out to me to coach me for the interview. I had to coach myself with with my thought work. All of you – you, my 3 friends, had confidence in me, but I would not believe it (as much as I wanted to). I could not understand why I could not believe it. I did the models, I prepared, and prepared, and prepared. I reread your words.

Then I went to lunch with 3 other girlfriends – they too encouraged me. Then the interview came. I felt so nervous, the receptionist was friendly, her smile put me at ease. She showed me to the room where I would meet my interviewer, then said you can relax here for a bit before the others arrive.

I looked at all my notes, even my note to myself and that was when I felt the courage…. I answered the questions as I prepared. I said everything I wanted to say. I asked the questions I wanted to ask. And I have to say, I was at peace after the interview. I was at peace the next day. It was really surreal. (pause – I love thinking this and feeling this)

I feel like today, I am starting to feel a little doubt come back – my thoughts are reverting.

Wow! What the What! When does it stop?

This month’s homework is so perfect for me right now. I feel like every lesson has come exactly when I needed it. But WHY? Why must my unintentional thoughts keep popping up. I mean really – this is exhausting!