Receiving money guilt

I got a new job because I wanted to make more money and have benefits and be in a job in which I can freelance. When I interviewed, I increased my desired salary by 10%, thinking there’d be negotiating. There wasn’t any and I got what I said I wanted.

I got paid today and am feeling guilty. I think it’s so fascinating these patterns of too much/not enough thoughts and would like any feedback on my models and coaching, please and help with my R lines 🙏

C: $3,703.18
T: that’s too much (I don’t deserve that)
F: guilty
A: tell my friend, judge myself as being wrong in this job, worry about being fired, wonder if I’m overpaid, outcast myself in my mind by thinking I may make more than my coworkers. Possibly spend money to feel better unconsciously
R: I don’t believe I’m worth what I’m being paid. I am arguing with reality. I don’t appreciate this money or myself.

C: same
T: I created that for myself
F: proud
A: remember the brain drama I had when I said what my desired salary was. remind myself of the thoughts I have every day that are just like the one above In UM and that they are patterns, not truths. remind myself that I can give more if I’m feeling scarcity. remind myself that it was my boss’ model to pay me what I asked.
R: I own my income as a result of my mind. I appreciate myself.